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active offerings

V I R T U A L   A S S I S T A N T


I work as a Virtual Assistant to support women and creatives that want to focus their energy into their craft. This service offers [and not limited to] administration support, diary management, tech support, customer service and invoicing. In addition I can support in creating social media & marketing content visuals.


This service looks different for every business & person so I would first work with you to better understand your business and identify the areas that I can support. From here we will collaborate to curate a bespoke strategy that works for you.

Please reach out if you feel called and we can take it from there. I have more information including rates and references available upon enquiry.


CLIENTS INCLUDE  |  Marula Wellness, The Yellow World

M O V E M E N T   M E D I T A T I O N


After hours of therapy and years of living with body dysmorphia, dissociation, sexual disconnect and disordered eating, I came to realise that my hunger for perfection was insatiable. I had to try something new. This is when I discovered intuitive dance.


My deepest healing experiences have taken place through movement and dance. Trauma can remain trapped in the body, even when we work through it with the mind. Movement creates space to process a whole spectrum of emotions and feelings. To drop out of the mind and into our bodies allows us to let go and release trauma from the body. 

Sessions area available in person and online for groups of 6 - 12 people. If you are ready reconnect and become more embodied please get in touch.

CLIENTS INCLUDE  |  Spring, The Design House People

coming soon


W O M E N S   C I R C L E S

As the world begins to reopen, I too will be reopening and seeking time and space to hold in-person women's gatherings.


These sessions will offer a safe container for likeminded souls to come together and feel, heal, move, share and connect through the presence of each other.

future creations

I am excited to introduce you to Olive & Lilac; a work in progress, imagined by my love for hosting, cooking, moving and making. Designed to ignite joy and enhance connection through giving and sharing, this creation is being crafted to support our fundamental human needs; food, shelter, water, community and love.


Olive & Lilac is manifesting as an inclusive retreat space with onsite growing, catering and accommodation, where facilitators can host retreats and workshops offering unique experiences. Honouring the seasons, moon cycles and laws of biodynamics, this space will comprise of four elements; sacred space, accommodation, nourishment and gifts. Slowly imagined with the flow of time and creativity, these elements will gently unravel and evolve over the next few years.

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