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sacred connections

I feel grateful to find myself surrounded by such incredible women. This is a place where I am honoured to share with you a handful of my close community members. The intension only to celebrate them here. So if you have landed on this page, what a treat for you. Each of these people offers a unique service, true to their life's work or calling and each a master of their craft.


Every individual on this page has contributed monumentally towards my journey in some way, shape or form - even if they are not necessarily aware of it. I can attest to each art form or service that they offer and can verify that collectively these people posses authenticity, kind heartedness, expertise and trust. Click on their photos to view a snippet of information about these wonderful beings and discover more by following the website links below. Shared with love.

explore their magic

Rebecca Wilson                     
Womb Alchemist

Abby Pratt Mayer                   
Creative Writer

Hazel Llewellin              
Reiki Master

Lauren Griffiths                 
Handcrafted Jewellery Designer

Lara Rickard                   
PCOS Nutritionist

Laura Anne Chappell                 
Lightworker Guide

Jordan Dixon                 
Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist

Andrew Kyriakou    
Session Hairstylist

special thanks to

Timi & Tom   
Website Photography

Olivia Manser
Continuous unwaivering support

Jen Armstrong             
Website Photography

For doing the work.

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