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After a lifetime of working in the hospitality industry and living in a constant burnout state, I chose to make a change and curate a more sustainable lifestyle for myself. Hospitality will always be in my soul and I am grateful for the experiences and lessons it has given me. I hold the most gratitude for the people I have met along the way.


Hospitality taught me so much about taking care of other people and very little about taking care of myself. My healing journey began a few years ago when my mental and physical health hit an all time low. I felt lost and alone, I thought I was experiencing a breakdown, a quarter-life crisis if you will. This 'life crisis' turned out to be a life awakening. Since this turning point, self-care practices have become part of daily life. Most of my tools have been acquired through retreats, women's circles, talking therapy and reconnection to nature.

Whilst I do believe in multifaceted approach to self-care and acknowledge that what works for each of us is as unique as we are, my deepest healing has taken place through movement and dance. 

Our bodies hold on to every life experience and memory. Trauma especially can remain trapped in the body even when we are working through it with the mind. Movement creates space for me to process a whole spectrum of emotions, happiness, joy, sadness and pain.

This healing is reflected and shared in the services I am offering now. The intension of my work is to provide support to women who support women.

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